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Prevention of deterioration of renal function approach
Prevention of deterioration of renal function approach, exacerbation of chronic n...

Work to prevent kidney stones do love to be in the end
"Love to be in the end" can really say is to Xu Jinglei into the life of the clim...

Kidney is how you know how to get into their own in fact
Some dead do not know how he is dead, and some people get sick but do not know ho...

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kidney infection

Recognizing renal medicine

Many scholars believe that the basic pathogenesis of CRF based virtual reality. Positive imaginary including gas, blood, yin, yang deficiency, there is real evil dampness, blood sta... [MORE]

Causes of Nephrotic syndrome

nephrotic syndrome etiology Nephrotic syndrome and its causes Nephrotic syndrome is a stubborn disease, clinical treatment is very difficult. Nephrotic syndrome is not a disease name, which ...[MORE]

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Healthy Eating
Drink coffee temperately can prevent kidney disease

Coffee is a kinds of drinks which can prevent kidney disease . We can drink coffee temperately , but dont have it too much . That is too much coffee can make the pressure of the blood go highter . But temperately coffee can drop the danger o...[MORE]

Healthy Eating


Q:More than 50 days of pregnancy, urine pro

A:Condition analysis: Hello, a large number of proteins in urine can be seen in many diseases, like kidney damage caused by hypertension, glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome or uri...

Q:Renal biopsy do not, in the end there is

A:Condition analysis: Hello, can you check kidney function related to aid diagnosis. Guidance: do the exact number, but if you can not make the diagnosis of renal biopsy can be diagno...

Q:Acute urinary tract infection

A:Condition analysis: general this case you may need about seven days slowly getting better, I suggest you need to continue injection treatment. Guidance: You need immediately with fe...

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